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20 new Limited Time Modes added in Fortnite v9.30 files!



An impressive amount of Limited Time Modes have been added to the Fortnite files following the v9.30 update.

Fortnite v9.30 featured an above average amount of content compared to typical updates as it is being used as preparation for three upcoming Content Updates before v9.40’s release. Including are many LTMs which are expected to be present during the upcoming 14 Days of Fortnite event.

Below you can find a list of all twenty datamined Limited Time Mode names and descriptions…


The only weapons in the game are the automatic firing ones. Spray and pray!

Builder’s Paradise

All player-built structures have drastically increased health, but a true builder doesn’t break down walls, they edit through them! Neutral editing has been turned on to allow players to edit structures no matter which team placed them. And what kind of paradise would keep a builder short on supplies? Building material drop rates are increased to allow as much building as desired!


Last man standing rules, but players have the ability to turn into different props around the map

Headshots Only

Players can only deal damage with headshots, so take your time and line up your shots!

Heavy Metal

In this mode, only the Heavy weapon variants can be found in loot boxes. Get your loadout and get in the fight!

Leave None Behind

All players have a slurp effect granting health and shields over time as long as their teammate is alive & not downed. If a player is knocked down they become invulnerable to damage, but the heal over time effect that their teammate has will change to damage over time. Revive your partner as fast as possible!

Loadout Swap

All players gets a new loadout that continues to change through the course of a match. Compete to be the last one standing, and prove you are the best with a variety of weapons!

Power Up

This mode is played in two phases. During the first phase, respawn on elimination is ON and using shield items increases your max shield capacity. After a period of time, respawning will switch to OFF. At this point, everyone’s shields will automatically be fully recharged. The remaining players will then fight to the finish! Note: Supply drops have TONS of shield pickups.

Purple Reign

All weapon drops are Epic. Storm circles move a bit more quickly. Building material farming rates are increased.


Fight back to back with a friend for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first player to get the target number of eliminations wins!


No description available.

Storm Chasers: Surfin’

Surf’s Up! Jump out of the Battle Bus and on to your shiny new surfboard. Use impulse grenades to bounce enemy players into the storm. Race against the storm and the other surfers to be the last one standing!

Strategic Structures

Think before you place is the name of the game. Stone and metal wall health has been increased but the resource caps and resource farming rates have been reduced.


Not Team It: Avoid the red team at all costs #NotTeamIt Team It: try to pickaxe the blue team to convert them to the red team. #TeamIt

Tank Battle

Player health and shields drastically increased. Healing items removed and replaced with siphon (health granted on elimination). Let the best tank win!

Team Rumble: Lava

Two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins! Dangerous lava rises gradually from the lowest parts of the map. Quickly loot, gather materials, and then start building up to stay away from the lava!

Team Splashdown

Using only water balloons and their wits two large teams fight for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first team to get the target number of eliminations wins!

The Blues

All weapon drops are Rare. Storm circles move a bit more quickly. Building material farming rates are increased.

Use With Care

Players are granted building materials at the start of the match without the ability to gain more throughout the match. Make what you are given at the start last because that’s all you get!

Water Balloon Fight

No description available.

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Battle Royale

Chapter 3 Season 2 Live Event: Everything we know so far




The first live event of Chapter 3 is expected to take place in less than six weeks. Here’s everything we know so far, based on various leaks.

Leaked Map Stages

All future stages for the territories controlled by both The Seven and Imagined Order have been leaked by data-miner Hypex. The maps show the Resistance will retake control of most of the Island, leaving only Command Cavern and Loot Lake for the IO. The final stage will lead the story directly into a live event, with the Imagined Order having little options left for victory.

Leaked Quest Voice Line

Epic also recently added new voice lines for the upcoming Week 6 Quests which, when reviewed closely, appear to tease the main story of a new live event. The Agent Jones character claims “one of the IO’s Doomsday devices is now in production”, seemingly hinting that the new event could be related to Chapter 2 Season 2’s The Device, which was also focused around a “Doomsday Device”.

A transcript of the Agent Jones voice lines can be found below:

“This will not come as a surprise, but IO management loves Doomsday machines – loves them! There’s even a doomsday division at HQ, oh man their softball team is awful but they will one day destroy us all so… kind of a wash. We have very credible intel that one of the IO’s Doomsday devices is now in production. We need to find out everything we can while we still can. Hit the field, I’ll prep the cameras . . . I have a very bad feeling that we are not ready for what we’re gonna find out.”

Doomsday Landmark

According to Fortnite data-miner GMatrixGames, a new Landmark code-named ‘DDMachine’ has been added to the game’s tags, suggesting that the Doomsday Device described by Agent Jones could be added to the map in the future.

Less than six weeks remain until the potential live event. We’ll keep you updated with the latest leaks and official announcements.

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Battle Royale

Boogie Bomb and Rift-To-Go Unvaulted Until April 25




In preparation for the upcoming item vote, the Boogie Bomb and Rift-To-Go have both been unvaulted for a trial period until April 25.

Players can now find the items scattered throughout the Island from Chests, Llamas, Supply Drops, Loot Sharks and ground loot. Once the short trial period ends on April 25 at 8AM ET, new gold funding stations will go live in-game on the following day to let players “fund” the item they want to see return permanently (for the rest of Season 2). The item that becomes 100% funded first will automatically be reintroduced to the loot pool as soon as the goal, of which the exact value is unknown, is reached.

We’ll keep you updated on which item gets unvaulted.

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Battle Royale

Leak: S.T.A.R.S. Team and El Chapulín Colorado to Return Very Soon




Fortnite has re-added multiple Item Shop sections to its API, meaning they will be available very soon. Five existing sections have also been removed, suggesting Epic doesn’t plan to bring those Sets back to the Item Shop for a while.

Re-added Item Shop Sections:

  • S.T.A.R.S. Team
  • El Chapulín Colorado
  • Wu Wear (new)

Removed Item Shop Sections:

  • Silk Sonic
  • Chloe Kim
  • Cobra Kai
  • Jordan
  • Turn The Music Up

The ‘Wu Wear’ section, which was added to the API today, will contain the new Wu-Tang Clan cosmetics; featuring two Outfits, two Bundles and more.

We’ll keep you updated if any additional sections are changed.

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