14 Days of Summer is unvaulting 14 classic weapons

We’ve received a bunch of new leaks with the Fortnite v9.30 update and one of the most interesting is “14 Days of Summer.”

The Winter version was well-publicized last December and now we will have a special event for two weeks this summer. I still think they should have named it a Fortnight of Summer or something like that but that’s besides the point.

All the challenges for 14 Days of Summer leaked, and one stuck out among the rest. “Eliminations with the daily unvaulted weapon or a Drumgun.”

This challenge promises that 14 weapons will be unvaulted for one day apiece over the course of the event. To my knowledge that isn’t something Epic has tried before and it will be interesting to see how the daily meta changes with new weapons being added each day.

If this was in the game more than 24 hours it would be a problem

Best weapons for Fortnite to unvault in 14 Days of Summer

With each weapon only coming for one day, suddenly old OP weapons coming back wouldn’t be too bad. For example, one day of the Infinity Blade may actually be pretty fun as opposed to aggravating.

The good ole days

Same with one day of planes, one day of guided missiles etc. They could even bring back the most mysterious weapon that ever appeared in Fortnite: the Zapatron.

In addition to those powerful weapons, here are some other possibilities for unvaulting that seem likely: Pump Shotgun, Burst AR, Light Machine Gun, Boom Bow (could be too soon), Tac SMG, Bolt Action Sniper, and Quad Launcher.

Make snipers great again

I’ve still only named 11 weapons or vehicles which gives you an idea of just how many unique weapons will be getting a shine during the event.

It also could be a chance for Epic to break out the voting system to bring another weapon out of the vault. Give people 14 days of trials and then have them choose one to come back permanently.

The inclusion of the Drum Gun in the challenge actually points to that being a possibility. A new unvaulted weapon would likely replace the Drum Gun and having a final challenge featuring it makes sense.

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