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Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 – Chaos Rising Mission (Week 8 Challenges)

The Chaos Rising Mission – also referred to as Week 8 Challenges – is now available for players to complete. Scroll down on this post to check out the mission’s cheat sheet, as well as a hub for all of the other missions available to complete in Chapter 2: Season …



Leak: Scoped Assault Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle Returning in Fortnite Chapter 2

A common complaint about Fortnite Chapter 2 is that the game does not offer enough variety of items due to the reset of the game’s loot pool over a month ago. Since then, Chapter 2 has received one new item and really nothing else. Leaker HYPEX has found two new …



How to unlock Fortbyte #98: Found within a Viking Longhouse

Challenges have been a mainstay feature in Fortnite throughout all of the game’s seasons. The latest Fortbyte will have you trekking to Viking Village. Fortbytes will continue to be added until the very end of the Season 9. The challenges have been mostly location challenges with the exception of the …